25 Allergy Free Chicken Recipes

The first question is how to organize the list of 25 chicken recipes: by method, flavor,  cooking time, etc.  I’m just going to start the list and see where it goes.

  1. Pan fried chicken breast
  2. Balsamic Honey Sauteed Chicken Breast
  3. Balsamic tomato pan fried chicken breast (coming soon)
  4. Italian pan fried chicken breasted with polenta (coming soon)
  5. Gluten free chicken strips (coming soon)
  6. Lemon artichoke chicken breast
  7. Allergy free chicken satay (coming soon)
  8. Chicken tacos (coming soon)
  9. Chicken enchiladas
  10. Crock pot shredded chicken
  11. Garlic chicken with fingerling potatoes
  12. Provincial, quick and easy, chicken stew
  13. Homemade barbecue chicken wings or drumsticks
  14. Roasted herb chicken (coming soon)
  15. Chicken roast with vegetables
  16. Chicken rice (coming soon)
  17. Chicken quinoa (coming soon)
  18. Mexican chicken casserole (coming soon)
  19. Chipped chicken stir fry (coming soon)
  20. Chicken noodle soup (coming soon)
  21. Chicken vegetable soup with artichokes (coming soon)
  22. Thai lemongrass ginger chicken soup (coming soon)
  23. Chicken quesadilla
  24. Chicken empanadas (coming soon)
  25. Gluten free chicken parmesan

Please add a comment below if you would like to recommend more allergy free chicken recipes or request a recipe you need help converting to accommodate certain food avoidances.