Fast and Cheap Rosemary Chicken Stew

10 min prep + 25 min cooking time

Had this at Maggiano’s and the wife demanded I make it the next day. By the way, Maggiano’s will accomodate any food/diet restriction and even has gluten-free pasta. The even accomodated all of my family’s allergies without a problem and served delicious food.

This is cheap because you use whatever chicken you find on sale. It’s fast because you don’t debone or pull the skin off or anything. You just sear the chicken, throw it in the pot, de-glaze the skillet and basically make a soup.

The keys to this recipe are…
* Searing the chicken until golden brown (but certainly not cooked through) before putting it into the pot – of course, I like to sear it in bacon grease.
* Adding ample celery
* Adding a good amount of rosemary (and going light on the tyme)


  1. Season a whole cut up chicken or split chicken breasts (with skin and bones) with Goya Adobo
  2. In huge skillet with oil, sear chicken on all sides on high heat until browned on all sides
  3. Place chicken into large, heavy pot
  4. Add a little (about 1/4 c) broth, beef or chicken, into pot and set to med low heat
  5. Turn skillet down to med-high and add diced onion, salt and stir constantly
  6. Add splash of marsala wine (or any red wine or vinegar substitute)
  7. Add 3+ cloves diced garlic – I always forget this when I’m in a hurry
  8. Stir to pick up the brown bits in the pan
  9. Stir in 1 or two 14 oz. cans diced tomato
  10. Stir in a little tyme
  11. Stir in loosely chopped rosemary
  12. Stir in chopped celery (3+ stalks) & carrots
  13. Stir in 1 cup of water
  14. Pour contents of skillet over chicken in pot
  15. Add more water until almost covering all chicken
  16. Add 3+ dried bay leaves
  17. Add pepper to taste
  18. Stir and bring to boil
  19. Then set to low and cover to simmer for 20-25 minutes

You will have a lot of broth with this recipe, which I suggest stirring into well cooked rice and vegetables for a delicious soup, or using as a base or flavoring for something else.

Meatloaf a la Alton Brown

Loved this recipe (click here) with the following substitutions/modifications:

  1. Homemade allergy-free bread, or store bought, or gluten-free pretzels
  2. Egg substitute (and doubled the amount)
  3. Used roasted red pepper, and it was outstanding
  4. Extra Worcestershire
  5. Extra honey (and maybe a little brown sugar)
  6. To really glaze it, cook the last 10 minutes on 450 F, or broil it for a few minutes on a higher rack