FPIES Birthday Party – Take 2

My son’s 4th birthday party was cancelled last week due to the venue being double booked.  We were disappointed and our son was angry and confused, especially since he helped decorate it the night before.

In any case, it ended up being a good dry run for the catering I was doing.  I had everything prepared on time, albeit with less sleep than I would have preferred.  The problem was that I hadn’t made enough food.  I ended up with enough food to feel about 15 people, when I needed to be able to feed about 35.  So, today I’m preparing for the rescheduled event tomorrow.  I will be getting a second pork picnic for the pulled pork.  Also, I’m planning to have it brined and cooked to be ready just before the party, so I don’t have to refrigerate and reheat it.  I’m always worried about drying it out.

Hopefully the party is a hit and a lot of kids show up.

Hilarious things my three year old said today

There are always those days when your child says the funniest things, but today my kiddo was on fire.  Here’s a list, JUST FROM TODAY.

Top 5 List


Dad:  This time, don’t swallow the gum.

3-year-old:  It’s no use. I’m just a little boy.  I don’t know the rules about gum.


3-year-old (very excitedly):  I didn’t swallow the gum, Dad!  I just did it down my throat and into my stomach.


Dad (at the end of a long discussion):  You can only pick one costume for the party tonight.

3-year-old:  I got an idea!  How about you put the lion costume on me and we can bring the ghost costume with us in a bag?

[note: the child got to the party and decided to dress in the knight costume]


3-year-old: Don’t drink my juice.  Little boys drink juice.  I’m a little boy.

Dad:  Aren’t I a little boy.

3-year-old:  No.  You’re a man.  Mans drink coffee, not juice.

#5 – Getting Coffee at Wawa

Dad (to the Wawa staff): Your coffee smells strange, like the dispensers are mold or dirty.

3-year-old (singing until we leave): All the coffee is dirty. Alllllllll the coffeeeeeeeee HERE is dirtyyyyyyyyyyy.