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I just got a Vitamix!

Okay folks, many of us have heard of these $400-$500 “blenders” and wondered what lunatic would buy one. After finding out that it was mission impossible to buy most flours without cross-contamination, and reading how the mill attachment could break my kitchenaid if I used it too often, I finally bought the Vitamix, and figured I would return it if it wasn’t worth it.
Folks , its been 48 hours and this thing isn’t going back. It’s not even close to being a blender. It’s a basic tool in most professional kitchens and now I see why. I don’t think I’m going to need to find shelf space for it because it might demote my food processor off of the kitchen counter. So far, I have COOKED potato soup in it (yes, steam literally poured out), made smoothies, made a dairy-free sorbet out of fresh peaches, and have not even tried the grinder I originally was so interested in owning!
So I called them up and asked if I could sell the Vitamix on this site. They happily agreed, and gave me a code so I can get a commission and you can get free shipping. I’ll start posting Vitamix instructions for recipes along with the traditional methods, but if you have considered this purchase, I can tell you that it seems it will pay for itself pretty quickly just on my grain purchases, not to mention the sorbets and smoothies I’ve been making every day with no worries about dairy cross-contamination.

Vitamix is having a huge surge in sales right now, so if you are looking for a certain color, payment plan, or would like to buy a refurbished machine with the grain grinder, please call 1-800-848-2649.  If you give them my code ***06-007575***, you will get free shipping.

Payment plan?  Yep, for a small fee, you can pay half up front, get it sent and try it out, and if you decide to keep it, make two partial payments later.  But be careful, once you have it, you’ll sell the TV to keep it!


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